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Today many stores offer a trampoline for sale. 50% of these shops provide very bad trampolines. The only advantage of these trampolines is the low price, but the quality is usually worthless. Of the other half of the stores, 90% cannot give or advise on a trampoline. A trampoline is perhaps the best and healthiest toy for children. It is not only fun for all ages, but they can also enjoy the trampoline almost all year long. Children can jump in the open air well and are also in a hurry; who do not want that now? For trampolines, in most cases, ‘cheaply is cost-effective.’ Cheap trampolines do not last many years, are often less safe, crack earlier and are not always weatherproof. Of course, you want a qualitative and safe trampoline, but on the other hand, do not spend too much money. What points should you take into account and which trampolines are the best? Below are the factors to consider in getting a best trampoline.

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  • Classic: This is what people use. They are mostly rectangular.
  • Children’s: This is the best choice for your children. They are small and can be used in small rooms. The only downside is that your kid will outgrow it.
  • Rebounder: They are small but designed for rebounding. This is a good option for stamina and gains fitness level.

Trampolines are designs of different shapes. The shapes of the trampoline you choose determine your need.

  • Round: They are used at home for the recreational purpose. They are considered safe than another form of the trampoline.
  • Rectangular: This is the shape that is used in competitions. This provides a fantastic bounce for most jumpers. They are a bit expensive.
  • Octagonal: They are like circular options, but offer you the chance to jump more. They are a bit expensive than the most trampoline, which is why most users will go for circular or rectangular options.

What are the Essential Points to Consider When Purchasing a Trampoline?

If you want to buy a trampoline, then you will of course first orientate yourself. What size do you want? What kind of brand do you want? Who’s going to jump on it? Do you want to dig your trampoline? All questions that you must keep in mind when purchasing. It is therefore very convenient to buy a trampoline over the internet because you can compare the entire plus and the negative points with each other.

best trampoline

1. A good trampoline features a solid frame
The frame must not be too thin and not too light in weight; otherwise, the trampoline will soon feel unstable. The most important thing is the frame. If the trampoline frame is not solid enough, the whole trampoline New Price: (as of 09/18/2019 13:17 UTC) is not safe. A frame must be at least 30 mm thick (for trampolines up to 213 cm) or at least 38 mm for the trampolines from 244 cm. The thickness of the steel used must be at least 1.5 mm thick. Anything less than 1.5 mm is not suitable for a trampoline, and therefore the trampoline is unsafe. Take good care of this, preventing severe accidents

2. Excellent Protective edge
Trampolines of good quality have a protective rim that is thick enough and weatherproof. The sand is a vital part of the safety of a trampoline. The trampoline guard rim must be made of sturdy material, and of course, it must be of sufficient thickness to protect the jumper against the trampoline springs. Good trampoline sand is made of “Coated PVC” and has a long service life. The PVC should, therefore, have a minimum thickness of about 0.35 mm. The best filling for a protective edge is closed cell foam. This is foam that stays long and not powdered, such as cheaper foam. With the more inexpensive foam, the trampoliner sand loses all its firmness and fatigue after one year, which can cause accidents again. The minimum thickness of trampoline sand should also be 2.5 cm. Thinner edges are a danger to the trampoline user.

best trampoline

3. The given warranty on a trampoline

A trampoline must be provided for a minimum of 2 years, even on the trampoline tire and the safety net. The better brands also give a minimum of 3 years to a maximum of 10 years. If only one year warranty is provided, you can assume that it is an invalid trampoline.

4. Not unimportant is the maximum loadable weight of the trampoline

Beforehand, remember who wants to jump on the trampoline. If you are trampolining more than the trampoline, the trampoline’s life expects to slow down. A good trampoline of 183, 200 or 213 cm must have at least 120 kg single lap weight and a total load weight of at least 400 kg. A 244 cm trampoline must handle at least 150 kg springer and must have a maximum spring weight of 750 kg. If a trampoline has a jump or spring weight of 100 kg or less, you already know that inadequate, cheap materials are used, and the trampoline is unsafe and has a short lifespan.

5. Brand

There are many brands fewer trampolines available on the internet, but these are often unsafe and unstable. Also, cheap trampolines are usually not intended for digging and are not weatherproof. Therefore, choose reliable brands such as Berg, Exit or Salta. With a well-known brand, you often also have a good warranty on the product. If there is something broken or faster wear than usual, a new item will be delivered, or you can get your money back.

Best Trampoline Review

best trampoline

Salta Premium Black Edition Combo 183 cm
This model of Salta not only looks very tight but is also a qualitatively good choice. The frame of the trampoline is powder coated and therefore rusts proof. This ensures that your trampoline can handle a boot. The trampoline has a wide protective edge allowing your children to jump safely and make the springs more protected. You have a good deal right now with this trampoline, as it comes with a safety net for free.

Exit Twist 183 cm – Gray / Pink
Do you have any smaller children? Then you do not need such a big trampoline. Little children do not have enough power to get up and do not need such a big jumping surface. This model of Exit is a good choice for you. This trampoline is really what you call ‘; small is beautiful. You can let your children go undisturbed because a safety net is being provided and because the protective edge is thick enough. Also, you have enough garden space because the trampoline does not take up too much space. With this trampoline, you will get excellence in one color, and you will not have any disagreement about the color. Because of the reversible edge, you can make your daughter happy with the pink border and if you turn it around make your son happy with the tough gray color.

best trampoline
best trampoline

Salta Premium Black Edition 153cm x 213cm
This rectangular model of Salta is ideal for the smaller garden. A rectangular trampoline takes up less space and fits easily into the corner of the garden. The stainless steel frame can withstand wind and wind and is sturdy enough for no less than 150 kg. Also, your children can safely enjoy the trampoline through the sturdy protective edge and the supplied safety net.

Berg Trampoline Champion is 270 cm
This is the more expensive brother of the Berg trampoline favorite, and this is reflected in used materials and jumping performance. Everything is just a bit more robust, sturdier and better finished, but of course, cost more. The Berg Champion is a trampoline where you have a lot of fun for years.

Berg Trampoline Champion is 270 cm

Trampoline Review


Trampoline is all you need if you are looking for a fantastic way to exercise. Consider what you will be using the trampoline for before actually deciding on the one to buy. The above guide should help you in making the best decision in the selection of the best trampoline.

Best Top Trampoline Review
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